Who do I vote for in this forth coming election?

Honestly I haven’t had an answer to this, although, INEC has officially released the List of those aspiring for the post of the number one citizen and their vices in Nigeria. As numerous as the names on the list are i haven’t decided who to vote for in other to protect my future.the election for this year will determine the future of the country.

A female candidate who was supposed to represent the feminine families stepped down, with many tales accompanying her reasons. although her chances of winning hangs in the air, you would have expected anything to happen when going for a big post, finishing the race like the other candidates could have made the difference.

Watching the debate for the presidential candidates anchored by ever articulate Mark eddo, they all virtually did well. The questions thrown at them were answered brilliantly. But, what baffled me most was the fact the major 2 candidates everyone was looking out for were absent from the debate. Can’t they answer the questions or what. No one has given a convincing reason why they were absent.

I watched another ‘The Candidates’ there was a phrase used by delectable Kadaria Ahmed and I loved what she said “are you trying to say, Obasanjo weighed which candidate was lesser evil between Atiku and Buhari and choose you instead” that was touching.

Also, one of the presidential aspirants said he wanted to go into capitalism for the country, saying it will boost the economy of the country. He wants to the reduce the level of poverty in the country where the state he’s coming from is counted as one of the poorest state in the country. That’s a good idea. But I don’t think that’s what the country needs at the moment. Some things will have to be done before capitalism can take place. things like curbing corruption, building of infrastructural activities and social amenities, then capitalization can come in.



Another candidate said he wants to fight corruption. You can’t fight corruption when you are into corruption. Corruption starts from you. He wants people to vote for him and youths who are supposed to be in school learning, are at home doing nothing cause of strike, increasing crime rates in the country. The boko haram people are yet to be taking care of, the issue of herdsmen and the way they are killing people. Insecurity in the country, and many more that threatens our existence.


Not for sale

I know some people already know who they want to vote for cause of the bribe giving to them from parties. Instead of the people to aim for permanent solutions, they are aiming for the temporary rice and little money they would get. Something that will finish within a month. I really don’t know who would solve our permanent solution.

In my view, I would’ve have said no to either PDP nor APC but anyone can read up and go for a debate without knowing what he or he is saying. I was in debate club in my primary school. Throughout my stay in the debate world I didn’t know what I was saying. All I knew was cram and pour everything out for the people to hear. Even at the university level, when you want to defend your IT you cram and pour too. The other parties didn’t really tell me what I’d love to hear. And they also say the demon you know is better than the angel you know nothing of.

Anyway, with what was said earlier. no matter who you vote for, the chance of a free and fair election is nil in this country. The majority vote for a particular candidate and another will be announced. Meaning our vote doesn’t count. the one I majorly saw myself was that of the Ekiti election.

The solution for the country at this moment is curbing of corruption. Corruption can be curbed by making policies for corruption and also building more institutions for corruption. At the moment we only have one functioning. which is, EFCC. We need more, at least one for the local government, one for the state and another for the federal. If this can be done corruption will be reduced in Nigeria.

Then provision of social amenities can come in, amenities like good roads, good health care facilities, good school facilities for the public schools, 24 hours’ power supply, railway stations, clean and free water supply for the people. To mention but a few. With all this things small and medium scale businesses will grow rapidly.
After this capitalization can come in when all these amenities are being provided for new ideas that people have been keeping will come in. they will love to create new things when they have the facilities. Individuals would love to buy companies from the government. Now you see capitalism is setting in.

People will love to pay taxes, when they know their taxes will be used efficiently for their purpose. Without a good governance. This country is going nowhere. If the head is faulty then the body won’t function well.

I wish someone could help me with my answer. You can subscribe and comment below to drop your views on this…