What’s your new year resolution?

Happy new year to everyone reading this. May we have multiple blessing of that of last year this 2019 in Jesus name. before that, have you written out your new year resolution? What you do before and don’t want to do again? Things to do to make your 2019 much better than 2018. Here are some tips that can help, if you haven’t written that down. Maybe due to the act of celebration or work.

Avoid bad habits

Note down bad habits that almost put you in trouble or you know isn’t right in your life and work towards it. In case you don’t know, let me remind you of some common bad habit. Being dishonest, stealing, nagging, laziness, eating too much and so on

Building plans

If you haven’t embarked on anything new last year, you need to do so this year. Make it a yearly plan, so that every year you attain something new in your life. Some people do long term plans, that do take more than a year. if you are faithful to your long term plans then you are moving forward. It makes you busy through the year.

Learn new things

Learn new things everyday of the year. It might be a new language, play an instrument, a sport, an art work. it good to always learn new things. I’m always happy anytime I want to learn something new. It makes one to be versatile.

Reduce some weight

Being fat doesn’t add anything positive to your life. It’s even not good, health wise. Try reducing your weight this year. Avoid taking junks, eat more of vegetable, fruits and plenty of water to eliminate toxins in the body. Do exercise every day. You need not drive through short distances. If you are a busy person you should be able to hit the gym once a week to lose weight.

Read books

Leaders are readers. So many Nigerians don’t have the time to read. They prefer to do some unprofitable things with their lives. Start with small inspirational book that are less than 50 pages. Reading books increase your level of intelligence and being wise. Also try and practice what you read.


Read your bible

Bible is a light to one’s path. If you study the word of God it will help you in so many ways. Reading your bible and praying should be in your daily lifestyle.

Have fun

Seriously, being an indoor person reduces ones IQ. Have some fun if you haven’t been doing that. Don’t let work or book as a student take all your time, it will make you dull. You’ve got to be lively. Its lifts one’s spirit. Go out with your family and friends. Do something crazy. don’t do something that will land you in jail. I’m outta it.

Meet new people

Meeting new people is beneficial to being successful. People helps with connections. Its helps your career. You need people to develop yourself, you can’t do it alone. Stop staying with staying within yourself

Give up on something

It might be drinking, you drink adequately or no drinking at all, smoking, 8 hours on social media, or even partying too much. Give up on something you know you do a lot and doesn’t help you in anyway.

Learn how to dress

There is a saying that says the way you dress is the way you are addressed. The way you dress will determine how people will treat you. Dressing well can get you a nice spouse or a good job. And other beneficial things. Its applies to both ladies and gentlemen.

Pay up your debts

Try paying up your debts. It doesn’t tell well on you owing debts. It’s not health wise economically. You can’t make it financially if you are owing debt. Or move forward in life. Your debtors will hunt you down. pay up your debt and you will be on your way to financial freedom.

Make more money

Even the rich always have a plan of making more money every year. Make more money this year. There is nothing good in remaining the same each year. You need to feel more comfortable.

Start saving part of your income

Saving money helps having a luxury life that last. Savings is one of the ways to getting rich. You don’t spend all your earnings at ones. You can invest or save. I=S in economics term, investment is the same as saving.

Make yourself happy

That’s the best thing you can ever do to yourself. Always make yourself happy. You can read more on this reading this.  http://pycewrites.com/being-joyful/

Give out to others and volunteer

You can give out to charity. To those in need. And also volunteer your time and energy to help those in need. Its helps you meet more people and builds your resume.

If you already have your new year resolution and you haven’t written them out, then you don’t have any. Write out your new year resolution and paste it where you will be seeing it everyday. It might be your bathroom mirror where you brush everyday, your makeup mirror for ladies, the door leading to your room, I once saw someone paste hers on her bible, just anywhere you feel you see every day. This will always remind you. And work on sticking to this habit so that you will have a positive result.

Have a blessed year…

Pycewrites loves you all….