Everyone act differently in a certain way. We get angry in a different way. We are friendly in a different way and so on. Have you ever asked yourself WHY WE ACT DIFFERENTLY? Some psychologists already found the answer to this question. I will guide you through this part and save you from reading a lot of pages knowing this. What is your temperament. Before I start, just have it in mind that you are born with this and not given. We have four basic temperaments which are:  sanguine, melancholy, choleric and phlegmatic


A typical sanguine

A sparky sanguine is an extrovert.
  • Enjoying: no one enjoys life more than that of a sanguine. These set of people are never bored. Even when they feel discouraged they quickly turn to something that exit them.
  • Friendly: they are always friendly, love being around people. Sanguines also make friends quickly. They never lack friends. Such people get one anytime, they feel bored.
  • Optimistic: they always feel everything will be alright irrespective of what is happening to them presently. They forget about the past and move to the future.
  • Emotionally unstable: they always feel easily for things. They cry easily.
  • Their main problem is that they are not disciplined. They tend not to finish whatever they start. Such people get distracted easily.
  • They feel they know everything and they also feel right about everything. Sanguines always start a conversation and also join one even when they are not invited.


An angry choleric

A rocky choleric is also an extrovert
  • Theses set of people also enjoy life but get angry easily. Any little thing pisses them off. No one can step on their toes.
  • They are self-disciplined. They are not easily distracted like the sanguines. The cholerics finish whatever they start irrespective of any barrier.
  • A rocky choleric tend to be decisive and opinionated, finding it easy to make decisions for themselves as well as for others.
  • Such people don’t sympathize with people on like the sanguine. They don’t show or express compassion towards people.
  •  Tend to be domineering and bossy and does not hesitate to use people to accomplish whatever they want.


A sad melancholy

A maestro melancholy is an introvert.
  • This set of people are also called perfectionist they always like everything done perfectly.
  • They mostly have mood swing. At times they will feel on top of the world. they will even be more lively like the sanguine, and later on they come back to their Introvert personality.
  • They are faithful friends but they don’t easily make friends unlike the sanguine. Melancholics won’t push themselves to meet new people but let people come meet them.
  • They don’t love other people but like being loved by others. They are prone to be suspicions when people seek him or shower him love and attention.
  • These set of people can sacrifice anything to get what they want. They are always persistent in achieving their goals, and more likely to accomplish it.
  • They are neat. You can never meet their house dirty.



A typical phlegmatic

The flippy phlegmatic are also introvert
  • These set of people are always very slow, sluggish, calm as well as easygoing. They are forever slow in what they do. Eating, in their jobs, cleaning, school activities. Etc.
  • They hardy get offended. If you step on them, they will tell you they are sorry to be on your way.
  • They don’t show their true feelings. They have a high boiling point but keep his emotions under control. You hardly know what’s wrong with them. You don’t when they are Angry or happy.
  • They don’t lack friends because people love being around them. They have a unique capability of seeing something humorous I others and the things they do.
  • Thee set of people are spectators. They don’t  get involved with other people’s stuff. It’s impossible for them to move beyond their daily activities.
  • These people are also neat.
  Now, you see why we all act differently. You treat the way people are not to intimidate them or look down at them. We are al good in our own ways. Although a person can’t have 100 percent of the temperament. It’s mixed. We can either have one or two. But one of it will be more than more. There are 12 blends of the temperaments which are: san-chlor, san-mel, san-phelg, chlor-san, chlor-mel, chlor-phelg,  mel-san,  mel-chlor,  mel-phelg,  phelg-san, phelg-mel and phelg-chlor.