Bed of lies

It is written from a surveyed hypothesis, that ladies do tell lies than guys and can also detect a lie easily when they hear one and pretends it’s true

Lydia-chapter 6

I felt ashamed and sorry when she pulled out of me. I Wanted to look at her eye balls and tell her I’m sorry for loving her. I’m sorry for going out of control. She has barely used a week in my house and I’m already into her. All, I wanted to say was sorry

Lydia – chapter 5

Lydia… I was walking along the mini estate as fast as I could. Wanting to go far from the house, far from everybody in the house, far from the strange things happening around me, far from my dreams. I just want to walk away from everything, and also far from falling in love. Getting to […]

Lydia – chapter 4

Waking up seeing someone you are have feelings for is one thing, waking up in a mess not looking as beautiful as a princess is another thing. I was terrified when I woke up but waking up to see Scott in the room made me less scared.


 Everyone act differently in a certain way. We get angry in a different way. We are friendly in a different way and so on. Have you ever asked yourself WHY WE ACT DIFFERENTLY? Some psychologists already found the answer to this question. I will guide you through this part and save you from reading a […]

Lydia-chapter 3

Scott… Dinner was like we were observing a dead persons 30 minutes’ silence. Sitting in front of a lady that takes out my breath is something I don’t want to experience again after my wife’s death. After 2 women in my life, I don’t think I want any other woman. It was like giving me […]


Firstly, what’s love? According to the English dictionary love can be defined as an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person. Secondly, what’s respect? According to the same English dictionary respect can be defined as an attitude of consideration or high regard. A woman deserves to be loved by her man and the […]

LYDIA – Chapter 2

…Flashes of a short man moving from one angle to another inside a small room. more flashes, I could barely see him. couldn’t see his face. so blurry, and me lying down on a bed, tied down helplessly. and he whispered something to a bottle, I could barely hear…… ………. Oh my god, what a […]