No Bra Day

Most people do think No Bra Day is a day to not only wear bra but to also flaunt their breast which is not meant to be so. This article helps you to know about NoBraDay, How to observe it and it’s criticisms.


National No Bra Day is thought to have started back in 2011 and has spread mainly through social media. No Bra Day is an annual observance that is observed now on the 13th of October and it encourages ladies to go braless throughout the day, as a means to promotes breast cancer awareness and educate people on how to carry out self-examinations and be aware of breast cancer symptoms.

Many women who have survived breast cancer are unable to go braless because they need to hold their prosthesis after surgery. This program encourages women to prevent breast cancer and also raise money for research.

To prevent breast cancer. Is to do a monthly self-breast exam. And the best time to do this is about ten days after the onset of menstrual cycle. For those who don’t menstruate should pick a date in a month to perform the exam.

You have to be familiar with the shape and texture of your breast as a woman. Take note of any changes. You can use the mirror to help you. Swelling, redness and dimpling will be signs to look for. Tell your doctor about any changes. And act on it immediately if any. The doctor can order test, including a sonogram or mammogram.

A braless lady

How to observe No Bra Day?

Firstly, Women celebrates this day by not putting on bra all through the day. And can also do more for themselves and others by:

Secondly, getting themselves a doctor to examine their breast. Catching breast cancer early is easy and the best thing to do to help women, and if you will do so, you will have a greater chance of coming out of it without so much as a scar. prevention they say, is better than cure.

Thirdly, encourage your friends, mother, wife or girlfriends to go examine their breast. Help women around you by encouraging them to get examined. Don’t keep the information to yourself.

Fourthly, make time to work together to create fundraiser or support a local agency that’s holding one.

Lastly, Use #NoBraday or #NationalNoBraDay when posting on social media


Why is it that women everywhere choose not to wear a bra to raise awareness of this horrible disease?

Women who have survived breast cancer don’t have a chance of going braless because they need bra to hold their prosthesis to hide the fact that they have removed a breast or breasts in which will make them intimidated by other women.

It is seductive and not appropriate to the society in which ladies will be prone to rape.

In summary

No bra day encourages women to go without their bra to raise awareness for breast cancer and the challenges that those with it faces. It also serves as a reminder to examine your breast frequently. If you know someone who has been affected by breast cancer or just want to help continue the fight against it, no bra day is an opportunity to help those around you know that the fight still continues.