LYDIA-Chapter 1


One sunny afternoon, I was found in an uncompleted building at mataima, Abuja. I was scared of every little movement around the building. I was woken up by sounds of disturbing sirens of police vehicle around the building. Little did I know that I was completely naked with no clothes on and shivering from what I didn’t know. I felt some disturbing things moving inside my body.

The last thing I could remember was when I heard sirens of the police vehicles. I couldn’t remember anything even my name or where I came from. My body was dirty because I have been lying on a bare floor that hasn’t even been cemented and cigarette was everywhere on the floor I smelt my body and noticed I smelt awful.

Now i’m really scared because a man covered with a helmet and something like glasses covering his face. He was putting on black clothes with gloves and shoes that even a rat cannot survive from just one hit under those shoes. The man kept coming closer to me gradually with a device I know can actually kill someone. I was moving backward because I was scared of what the armed man might do to hurt me. There was a little struggle and………

……I woke up again the second time without knowing what happened to me and this time was hand cuffed on a chair, inside a room where a table and another chair was. ‘what the hell is happening to me? Who are these people? where am I’ I thought before someone came inside.

‘‘who are you? And what is your name?’’ he asked.

Scott is a tall, huge and handsome man. He has a broad chest and a regular shape of face with a dark and glowing skin. He has a brown hair that is almost the same color with that of his skin, neatly cut.
Was he talking to me. Ooh. I am the only one inside the room with him. but, wait a minute…

‘‘I don’t know’’. I answered surprisingly.
Who am I, what’s my name, where am I from. I couldn’t remember anything about me. the expression was really showing on my face. I was really confused.

‘‘you mean you don’t know your name?’’ he asked again. This time forcefully.

‘‘honestly I don’t know and if I may ask who are you to question me about myself’’. Trying to prove innocent and making sure I know what I was doing or I know my right but honestly I knew nothing and couldn’t remember anything. He put a picture on the table with a name on it.

‘‘this is my name. Andrew Scott  written at your back, right on top of your butt’’ he said.

And then stood up from the chair he was sitting and walked towards me. Then he whispered in my ear.

‘‘now I think I have every right to ask you that question” he said slowly and angry.

I was more scared this time, almost crying but trying to hide my tears and be bold. He walked across the room and back to his chair. John leaned on the table with his two hands on the table trying to move closer to me

‘’do u in any way know who I am’’ scott asked me.

‘‘for Christ sake, I don’t know myself, how on earth would I know you’’ I replied with tears half filling my eyes. I started shivering again.

This time he looked at me and said ‘’I believe you’’

A little relieve at my side. I stared at him and asked ‘‘why is your name written on my body and I can’t remember anything’’ I asked wondering what his answer would be.

‘‘A lot of questions without answers you ask. My dear’’ he answered ‘but the doctor said you have been poisoned to the extent that your whole brain has been washed out and you might not be able to remember anything. Not only if something familiar or someone very close to you comes your way’’ he said ‘‘that’s why I am here to know whether you can remember anything about me, cause my name is written on your back’’.
I relaxed my back on the chair sitting comfortably this time. Still my hands hand-curved.

‘‘who are you?’’ I asked.

‘‘I am Andrew Scott by name. an ex-military and a commissioner In the police force’’

‘‘any family?’’

‘‘I have a son his name Andrew Michel’’. I was so confused and didn’t know what I was doing.
‘‘and that is the end of my interrogation with you’’. He stood up and walked out of the room as if he was being pursued by me.

I felt he was uneasy with me and I am really not comfortable with that.

Shortly after 5 minutes a man came in and removed my handcuff and gave me a glass of water.
‘‘I am detective Sam and you are?’’ He asked as if he knew nothing about what was going on with me.

‘‘somebody who doesn’t know herself’’ I answered disgustingly.

I was beginning to get angry and frustrated. ‘‘go out there and tell your friends I know nothing about myself and I am tired and need some rest please…’’

‘’…not until after my interrogation with you’’ he said angrily. He went across the table took the chair and brought it closer to me. He perused at me as if searching for something. he definitely knows I know nothing and then sat down. ‘‘who do you work for?’’ he asked.
What the fuck is this man saying. I tried to remember but still nothing.

‘’look here, detective Sam. I told your friend who just left here that I honestly don’t know anything and can’t remember my name, talk less of who I work for’’
He checked inside the envelope he brought from only god knows where and brought out some couple of pictures and tossed them towards me.

‘’Can you remember any of these men’’ Sam asked. I checked through the pictures and nothing seemed familiar to me, I took a little glance at him and noticed he was looking at me expecting to get some answers then I began to shiver again ‘what will this man do to me? Will he break the glass of water he brought, on me? kill me?’’ a lot going through my head.

I looked up and answered ‘‘no’’ terrific about what was going on.

‘‘are u telling me the truth’’

‘‘honestly, I don’t know any of them’’ I stopped and looked at the water on the table. ‘‘is this for drinking’’

‘‘yes of course that’s for you’’ I took the cup of water and drank all of it and told the annoying looking man sitting in front of me.

‘‘I’m hungry’’

‘‘you will be going home with Scott after we are through with you here….’’

‘‘……wait what do you mean by that. But I don’t know him’’ I said. fear engulfed round me. I began to notice goose bumps on my body.
‘‘can’t I sleep in a hotel or somewhere alone till I figure out myself’’ I asked almost crying.

‘‘no ma, we need you under our cover for some time, to get to know who you are and where you come from and after that you can go wherever you want to but unfortunately Andrew wants you under his nose’’ he said.
‘‘do you remember the name of your mother’’ he asked a silly question again. What part of I don’t remember something doesn’t he understand.

‘’no I can’t remember’’ I looked at him searching for some answers. ‘‘and now what next?’’

He stood up, packed up all of his pictures and put them in his brown envelope.

‘’who are those people in those pictures you are packing’’

‘‘they are pictures of criminals and wanted people. The police are after them. And some of them have issues with ex-military men’’.

‘‘what about the ex-military men’’
‘‘some of the ex-military men you see around are being accused of kidnapping, raping and some bad actions to the people of the southern region because they were killed in the process. You know, so many bad things really happened then’’ then he stooped and looked at me surprisingly

‘‘can you remember any of this incident’’

‘‘no, I can’t remember any of this’’ I answered

‘‘Andrew Scott was the commander-in-chief of the army then, after the president. But he resigned due to the false allegations and promised to find out those accusing the military men wrongly’’ he continued. ‘‘but we think he is this close to getting them’’ he gesticulated with his thumb and his……. Finger in form of a ring.

‘’but kept it away from everybody’’ he stopped and perused at me as if searching for some answers
‘‘so now, we think that the hilarious people who abducted you are the ones Andrew has been looking for’’.
‘‘so, how the hell does this affect me’’ I asked.

‘‘some messages are written at your back as we speak that has been sent to Andrew to back off and some other messages which we haven’t figured out but I think the soldiers are going to take over from where we the police have stopped’’. He continued
I thought I was talking to someone called Sam in front of me. Why isn’t he answering my questions

‘‘you still haven’t answered my question’’ I insisted

‘‘your question ma, are the soldiers’ not ours anymore and I don’t know. But I think you have only been used as a messenger in which you have successfully done. don’t worry, I will help you with your questions because, I think I like you…’’

‘’why would they use me?’’ I asked

‘’that, I don’t know. But…….’’’

A woman came in at that moment. She was looking like she was the one in charge of the situation on ground

‘’get the fuck out of here. you talk too much’’ she said to detective Sam. immediately he left the room there was a bang on the door and murmuring from Sam.

I stood up from the chair I have been sitting for some couple of hours. Now pacing up and down the lonely room wondering what will happen to me after this. Little did I know that there was a mirror in the room. A big mirror. I looked at myself through the mirror and opened my chest. Surprisingly I saw the name written boldly on my chest ANDREW SCOTT under the name was written 020118. ‘what was this number for’ I thought out loud. Right on my left nipple O was written on it and on the right one was N written in block letters.

Why would they use me? Who am I related to. My bones became weak immediately and I had to sit. My body temperature suddenly increased and I sensed, I was sick and I was also not comfortable with the cloth I was wearing. They put on me a sweater shirt with a jean trousers and slippers to wear with no underwear anyway.
I was seriously looking unkempt, rough and dirty. really need a hot shower.

I stood up and went close to the only door that was in the room and tried to open it but it was locked from the other side of the room. Now, I have a feeling that some jerks were looking at me from the mirror in the room. I went back to the mirror and tried perusing at it but could not see anyone, just myself in a lonely room, sick and confused of what was happening to me. And now a woman entered closing the door behind her.

‘’I am Susan by name’’ she came close to me and brought out her hand to shake me. I think she was a little bit friendly than d other two jerks that came here earlier but oh, she was just a little pisspot. She was short in stature putting on a suit which looks a little bigger than her.

‘’Susan what?’’ I asked refusing the offer of her hand.

‘’Susan goodwill my dear’’ she answered. ‘’I’m a psychologist. I’m here to help you’’

‘’I don’t need your help’’ I answered angrily. ‘do they think I’m crazy’ I thought.

‘’of course you do’’

‘’I need a warm bath and somewhere to rest I’m really exhausted’’

‘’that has already been provided for. You will be out of here in a couple of minutes, Scott is already rounding up from his work’’

‘’but, why I’m I following Scott? Why can’t I follow you’’?

‘’because he is in the best position to protect you. I will only be around to help you remember few things’’

‘’I don’t need his protection…”

“of course you do’’ she answered smiling at me “you are free to tell me everything going on in your mind”

How on earth will I tell you I think of you as a little pisspot and those 2 guys as jerks, that would have been rude of me to a smiling little pisspot.

“I’m confused, scared, terrific, anything you can think of right now because I know nothing about myself” I said angrily, shouting at her at the top of my voice with tears in my eyes. My knees began to shake.
“oh my god, I’m sick again” I said to myself. I walked to my chair and sat down. The little pisspot walked close to the other chair that was close to me and drag it a little far away from me before sitting.

“I understand what you are going through my dear. That’s why I’m here for you….”

Suddenly the door opened and two men came in alongside Scott. They were both dressed in soldiers uniform, I think. I looked at them with fear in my eyes.

“we need to take her out of here immediately” the huge hungry looking man standing next to Scott said and pointed towards me.

“hey, Mr.” I said directly to him “I am human and not a thing you can just move here and there without my permission, so you can easily tell me directly instead of telling someone else” I told him angrily and also scared anyway because he was a little bit bigger than Scott.

The room was as quiet as a grave yard. nobody could reply or defend me. “oh my” he his walking directly towards me now. Should I run or should I faint right here. Now I began to shiver again and again and again with more sickness and drowsiness…