Lydia- chapter 8

Chapter 8


“…I saw a guy walking closer to me in slow motion, until he finally got too close that I could barely see me. He held my hands and kissed me on my forehead, I moved back to see a clear view of him and saw the guy whose pix, I was shown back at the basement”

Waking up feeling Scott strong arms around, me made me feel save and secured. I wished, this could be like this forever. I’m in love with him. Scott pulled my face up, to give me a warming morning kiss. didn’t know he was awake. I felt a rush of blood running through the veins in my chest. Couldn’t hold it until he pulled me closer to him, making sure there was no space between us. My swollen up breast was half popping out of my transparent night gown. Moving his hand down my hip, trying to raise my night gown, until he finally stopped.

“how was your night” he said, with his lips still on mine and his hands still on my lips

“it was good, with you all over me” I replied wishing he didn’t stop.

“I guess you saw something in your dream”

“yes, I think, I can remember something….” Scott pulled me back looking straight into my eyes, not allowing me finish my sentence.

“…what did u remember”

“the picture…”

“…who was that” he snapped.

“I don’t know” I answered him “but I felt something close. Like a strong relationship or something”

“like your husband?” he asked, furiously

“I don’t know, but I don’t think I’m married because there was no ring on me, when those police men saw me”

“I thought so too”

“and also in my dream, I didn’t notice any ring”
When I told Scott about my dream, he was showing a little bit of jealousy.

“I don’t know who he his for now, but very soon, I hope, I remember him”

“I hope so” he said, getting up from the bed.

I laid down looking at his manly seductive body. His 6 packs like that of someone who goes to gym regularly and his breasted chest.

“I’m going for a friend’s reunion party with his wife this evening. Will you like to follow me?”

“I’m going nowhere today”

“You’ve got to go out and know people. Someone’s lookalike, with someone you must have known can help you remember something”

“I don’t think so”

“you are going” he said authoritatively, as he stood up left the room.

Few minutes after he left the room, the maid came in with four new dinner wears.

“good morning ma’am”

“morning” I answered as I got up from the bed.

“I’m asked to help you pick a gown for the party”

“when is the party”

“it’s by 5pm”

Coming down the aisle with the most beautiful lady in the world, makes me feel on top of the world. But the fact that she knows nothing about herself make me want to take her in before she remembers that guy in her dream to possibly be her husband. since she woke up this morning telling me she felt something about the guy in her dream, makes me feel jealous.
People were staring at us like we were the latetest couple in town. Wondering who this new girl is, in our world. The rumor already spread round Abuja about Lydia. There was murmuring and gossiping everywhere. As we got down the aisle, Marcos, a very close friend of mine came to meet us with his wife.

“every woman’s dream. You stole the party again as you always do” Marcos said as he approached us.

“I don’t think I’m the one people are looking at this time, but the lady beside me” I answered with a loud laughter, gesticulating towards Lydia.

“don’t mind anything they say to you, my friend, they don’t even know the real truth. The news I hear everywhere has been diluted” he said staring at Lydia “you are so looking so radiant and beautiful, I love your dress”

“thanks, you aren’t bad yourself”
Marcos turned as if he was dancing a barley.

“I’m feeling myself” he said, the moment he landed almost falling off balance.

“this is my clown friend, Marcos Adewale. We used to be in the same squad”

We were all laughing and chatting away when I noticed Lydia was holding on tight to me, like I was going to run away.

“how are you feeling”

“want to go back home, people have been staring at me”

“let them, bae. They have a lot to talk about. Just keep looking at faces, to see if anyone here can help you remember anything” I said looking at her to make her comfortable. “let me show you around”

When we got inside the ride, I was nervous about everything. The beautiful dress I was wearing. I don’t know if I have ever won a dress so beautiful. A strapless, simple and long velvet gown. I was also nervous at the party we were going for. All eyes will definitely be on me…

… on getting to the party, I vowed to myself not to leave Scott side. Holding him tightly will do the magic. I noticed most of the men in the party was on uniform.

As we got to the man of the party I was lost in thought, I wasn’t really in the party. The other guy and Scott were already looking at me demanding for an answer to a question I didn’t hear.

“I need to use the ladies. I’m sorry” I said, using that as a medium of excuse.

As I was leading Lydia to the ladies, I noticed a guy on hood. He has been following me throughout the party. I think he needs my attention.

“don’t leave here” Lydia said as she entered.

I was staring at him until I followed him to a dark corner in the big hall. He lifted up the hood for me to see his face.


“don’t raise any alarm, I need to tell you something very important”