Lydia – chapter 5


I was walking along the mini estate as fast as I could. Wanting to go far from the house, far from everybody in the house, far from the strange things happening around me, far from my dreams. I just want to walk away from everything, and also far from falling in love. Getting to the parking lot, I heard footsteps following me. I walked faster trying to get a hiding place but, I noticed, I wasn’t hearing footsteps anymore and suddenly a whirl wind surrounded me. Fear engulfed me not knowing what to do. I stood on the spot waiting for it to calm down closing my eyes.

Immediately, I opened them, I saw the so called short man standing right in front of me. I wanted to run but, I couldn’t. my feet were tucked to the ground. My body became pale and I started itching my body. think I have been enchanted by him.

“do you remember me” he said.

“yes, you came visiting me today. You are chuks.” I answered with fear in my voice “what the hell are you doing to me? release me and let me go.” I shouted at him trying to threating him knowing fully well I can’t hurt a fly. And the same time struggling to release myself. How do I tell him I’ve been seeing him in my dreams? He might be harmful to me.

“answer my question and I will think of releasing you” he said forcefully this time. He brought out the same bottle, I saw him with in my dream. He was about saying something, when we both heard rapid footsteps coming from my back.

“I am coming back for you” he said, immediately he kept the bottle back and flashed off. I have never seen anything of such in my life that, I can remember, just the man, I saw in my dream and the same time seeing him here in reality.

After the little drama Lydia pulled up at the living room, I felt sorry for her. Noticing something strange about her, I had let her go. It was obvious she needed space from the tension and the crowd in the living room. dismissing the visitors and the soldiers that came to interrogate her was not something difficult to do. Giving an excuse that wasn’t clear, but they knew they had to leave. I also was concerned about the tension in the house and how Michael do react over it.

Since his mother’s death he has been finding it difficult to relate with anybody that’s mother like, around him, even his grandma. I have been trying to calm him down explaining everything that’s happening to his little knowledge.

how can’t she know her mum. She’s lying. Can’t you see it?” he said angrily and walked away, when I told him about Lydia. That’s so unusual of him. He’s just a little kid.

I had to go look for Lydia. She’s been out for a long time and its already getting dark. Walking along the estate was something I seldom do. I have only been doing it, since the arrival of Lydia in my life.

I have been walking for a while, until I heard, some rapid conversation and fear in her voice. So, I knew I had to walk faster. On getting there I saw her tired, furious and full of questions.

“who were you talking to” I asked tirelessly.

“chuks” she answered.

“are you dreaming again? He left the house for more than an hour and a half” I said, strange to the fact that, I felt she was speaking jargons.

“of course, I am not” she answered. I know what I’m saying this time.

Let me take you home, you need some rest and after that you can explain yourself.

“of course, you don’t believe me” she replied angrily this time. I was beginning to believe her cause she looked sure of what she was saying.

“I believe you” I said, going close to her I looked into her eyes and put my hands on her face, drawing her close to my chest. and I felt something like spiders walking through my chest. I knew, I had to leave her before anything can happen.
“let just go home and talk about it”


Hearing footsteps coming from my back, I prayed it would be someone who will come help me from this mess. I was a little bit happy when I heard Scott voice. I wished it was someone else because I don’t like him seeing me in a mess, and he is always seeing me in a mess. He saying, going home meant a lot to me that he didn’t understand. He meant family, love, relationship. Home is not the building but the people living inside. Maybe he doesn’t know the original meaning. He pulling me close to his chest gave me a quick relieve of tension. I wanted to put my hands around his waist to hold him tight. I couldn’t because of what might happen later.

“how did you know where I was” I asked. Looking straight making sure, I don’t see his suppose angry face.

“you said you needed some air, so I suppose, you should be strolling on the street. Same place you came the last time”

“I was actually looking for the green duplex I saw the last time I was outside” I looked at him to be sure he was listening to me. I felt the way my blood rushed from side to another in my heart. This guy is dam gorgeous. Bringing myself back to what I’ve been talking about. “I have a feeling I will remember something from the building”

Scott stopped immediately he heard what I said.

“are you sure about that”

“I suppose” I answered hopping I would actually remember

“the place is a little far from here, when you are done cleaning up, we will go there together. I know the owner of the house”

“that’s cool. Because I’m really tired”

“that doesn’t mean when we get home you won’t tell me your dreams and what chuks told you out here today”

“of course I will” I replied.
On getting to the house, it was an empty as a grave yard was wondering where everyone one was.

“where’s is Michael?”

“he has one to my mother’s house”

“the dog?”

“it has gone for treatment”

“what about the maid?”

“are you going to stand here and keep asking questions? You need to go clean yourself up and come tell me what is going on with you”