Lydia – chapter 4

…… I was running from a short and black man. He was moving as fats as a wind. he was just walking very fast, until he noticed that I was a little bit faster, then he appeared to my front like a flash of light. Lightening was a little bit faster than him. But this time I could see the man clearly.A lady was standing beside him. I could barely see her. Then he said some incantation and I fell on the floor panting like I was just beating up….

I woke up sweating like a Christmas goat, with headache. and I was feeling so tired, like I have been running all night. Then I noticed Scott staring at me alongside the dog. I was a little bit embarrassed cause I know I must have been moving my body while sleeping. I tried hiding my face but I summoned up the courage to talk to him until he spoke first.

“another dream?” he asked peacefully this time.

“yes, I think so” I answered, trying to ignore him and not feeling too well around him because he well dressed and I wasn’t

“how was your night?”

“it was good” I lied. Knowing fully well that he knew I lied. Wasn’t ok

throughout the night because I wasn’t feeling too well with my body system and the dream that came to welcome me to a beautiful day is another bad thing anyone will not like. Staring at him and trying to find out what he was thinking of was no avail. I wish I knew what was in his mind.

“how long have you been in the room staring at me?”

“for 30 minutes and 40 seconds” he answered so fast. Why will a guy sit and stare at a lady for 30 minutes if not for love. He was perusing at me like he is seeing some answers on my face.

Sitting staring at a beautiful lady is something I don’t like doing. She’s so beautiful even when having a difficult time sleeping. I felet like putting her in my hands, allowing her to sleep peacefully. Looking at her tremor while sleeping makes me feel she could see some answers we have been searching for in her dreams. And all this could end quickly as possible knowing fully well that it doesn’t work like that. I was about standing when she opened those sexy eyes of hers’.

Waking up seeing someone you are have feelings for is one thing, waking up in a mess not looking as beautiful as a princess is another thing. I was terrified when I woke up but waking up to see Scott in the room made me less scared.

“you must be hungry” he said.
‘and you sleep a lot. I notice that” he continued.

Looking at my stomach again, made me feel very hungry and my body started itching me.

“I need a warm bath too”

“when you are done taking your bath you meet us downstairs for breakfast” he said not looking at me this time but signing to the dog to leave the room.

Was wondering why the dog has been gentle throughout his stay in the room. That’s unusual of the dog.
On getting down the stairs I was surprised and shocked to meet the man I have been seeing in my dreams. The exact man sitting beside the little pisspot, Susan. I was shocked and couldn’t move my body for some time. I stood there like a statue. Who is this man to me and what he’s he using me for? I had to comport myself and be the courageous woman I should be and face him squarely.

Walking down the stairs was taking hours for me. As I was walking the stairs my eyes didn’t leave his for a second because he was also staring at me. Wondering who he might be and how Scott knew him. He was also looking at me intensely like he knew me somewhere. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. As I got down the stairs that took me a while to finish.

“this is chuks okon whom the full name I can’t pronounce and Susan your psychologist. I believe you already know her?” Scott said pointing at them according to their name.

“I already told her I don’t need one” I replied instantly trying to get a seat for me close to Scott directly opposite the guy I have been seeing in my dreams.

“I am only here to be of help ma’am” she replied back at me.

“what’s is he doing here and what is he here for” I asked ignoring the little pisspot and wanting to know who the man is.

“he’s a brain expert he knows about poisoning and brain loss; I think he can be of help to us” Susan said.

“I don’t need him either” I said, as I stood up to get back to my room. Scott stood up trying to stop me from walking put. He was looking at me angrily like I was his daughter.

“where do you think you are going to?” he asked a rhetorical question I guess. He trying to gesticulate pointing towards the unwanted people in my life. “we ain’t through talking here” he said raising his voice at me.

“I am done here. I don’t care if you or anyone here is not done talking but as far as I am concerned I’m done with anyone talking to me” I replied raising my voice back at him. When I noticed he wasn’t leaving my way.

“I need some air, please” I said with a persuading facial expression.