LYDIA – Chapter 2

...Flashes of a short man moving from one angle to another inside a small room. more flashes, I could barely see him. couldn’t see his face. so blurry, and me lying down on a bed, tied down helplessly. and he whispered something to a bottle, I could barely hear……

………. Oh my god, what a pain in my head. I opened my eyes and saw myself in a room and on a bed. A three and a half bed with a neat bedsheet, a pink painted room. A jacket hung on the chair, and it looks like a room. I mean a room with other rooms. I sat up on the bed trying to search what was more interesting in the room and then I saw a little cute black dog sitting and staring at me. As I was about standing up to feel the softness of the dogs’ hairy body I noticed a bump on my head. Gosh it was painful, so painful. Ok now the dog is backing and who the hell is the owner of the dog and does it have a name.

“wow, you are awake” he said standing by the door side.
What the hell is Scott doing here, in my room, ‘sorry the room I have been put in. gosh why Scott. This guy is good looking and perfect for my liking. Too much perfection. Is this the way soldiers look like, tall, handsome, huge and fucking sexy? Scott was putting on a singlet over a broad and scary chest. I never imagined he could be this cute.
“this used to be my wife’s junior sisters room, you know?
Just noticing he was dark, tall beautiful, his skin is just like a smooth chocolate cake I could easily eat. Yummy. I love it. And with his smile he revealed what Yoruba do call ‘eji’. A space between his front teeth.

He signaled to his dog to go out of the room.

” what’s its name” I asked him as the dog walked out of the room

“Winnie, do you like her’ he asked.

“well, yes, but even a dog has a name” I said shyly.

Scott smiled and walked a little closer to the bed then stopped.

“ok, let’s give you a name”

“so you were asked to also give me a name, right?” I asked in a quarry manner.

“no, but you need a name we can call you and….”

“…. daddy, I am hungry” his son came inside.

Looking up at me he gave me a cute and shy smile.

And here comes a tiny tweeny little boy, the age of 5. He looks so much like his father. The same smile and gap teeth, a dimple on his left cheek. What a cute boy he is. The only difference from his dad is that he is fair in complexion. White teeth and small eyes.
“she’s awake” he said again with a little grin this time “Lydia”
I looked at Scott with surprise. ‘Why will your son call me Lydia. Although I love the name a little. Its sounds cool.

“that use to be his cousin’s name. before she passed out with my wife in a car accident” Scott answered knowing I was surprised his son called me a name “you look so much like her” he continued

“this is not Lydia but a guest we have to respect” he replied to his son rhetorical question.
“I like the name, maybe u should call me Lydia” I said, happy that at least someone can call me something and not look at me like I fell from another planet.
“you are Michael I suppose?” looking down at d handsome little boy, smiling.

“I hate her” he said and ran out of the room.

There was silence in the room. Scott stirring at me like, I was a lady that was picked up from the street to destroy his mood and that of his son.

“I’m sorry”, I said honestly…

“who said u did anything wrong”

“I just didn’t feel well that your son doesn’t like me”

“he will. with time, depending on you”’

“how long I’m I staying here” I asked hopefully soon.

“for a month, I guess”

I began to feel the headache again, running stomach and smelling body.

‘I need a bath and food, guess I’m hungry”

“the bathroom opposite your room and when you are done, you can come join us downstairs for dinner”

“what about clothes to wear?.” I asked gesticulating for him to now I have no clothes to wear.

“the nanny will borrow you one of her dress and after dinner we’ll go get you something to wear at the……

I was distracted with the way he was leaning on the wall by the door side, his strong hands crossed on his breasted chest and his airy legs as crossed. Was already imagining some naughty things…

“…. are u listening to me at all” he said angrily, dropping his hands from his chest to his side and turning it to a fist.

I guess he just asked me a question when I got distracted. I got scared with the fist in his hands. Moving back a little on the bed and covering my body with the blanket I found on my body.

“I’m sorry” he said banging the door behind him.