Lydia- chapter 9


During our journey back home, I tried avoiding the questions Lydia was asking. She was just being loquacious throughout the journey, not making me think. “Scott, please talk to me” she said.

“I will let you know at due time” was all I could say. she was about being inquisitive about the question when we entered the driveway.

I brought him out of the trunk of the and led him to a room where no one use in the house. Pulled out a chair and asked him to seat.

“when you left, some group of men came towards us and they helped me out. I have been with them ever since and also finding out my research about what happened with the help of those men. We were compromised by one of our own, a government official. I couldn’t get to that information, that’s why I came to meet you. We need to act up” he said. He looked at me thinking I would say anything.

“The lady you are seeing with you isn’t ordinary. She was sent to you in other to get information about you. Her name was written on her body so that she can get to you. They know you would keep her. When the due time come they will come pick her up and search up her memory. They want to kill every one of us and you know you are the only one remaining and it’s not easy to kill someone like you. We need to act fast before they succeed. We need to know who the government official is.” He continued

“what about the number on her body?”

“it’s a date, sir”

“how did you know all this? mark”

“I got someone who is interested in the case, she gave me some information about Aso rock”

“how did you know our mission was leaked? It was meant to be a secret mission. Have been on it for about a year now”

“you can’t know anything here because you are within the country” mark said.

“all the planned work wasn’t done here but in Mali” he replied. “Evidences are in Mali, not here. If we can get to Mali by tomorrow, then we wouldn’t the miss the meeting they are having tomorrow”

“what meeting?”

“with the government official and others, I don’t know for now. when we get there we will know what they are up to”

“this is risky, you said they have been on my tail for some time now, how do I travel with you to Mali and they won’t know”

“I’ve got everything set out”
I watched him as he brought out some fake passport.

“pick anyone you would love to be for the mean time”

“you are always ready for everything, mark. That’s why I chose you to be in my squad”

“thanks sir, I’m honored”
I stood up bringing out my gun from the place I kept it holding it for mark to see.

“how do I believe everything you told me just now is true” I asked, “you know, I have been waiting for you mark, I vowed to myself that immediately I see you I will pull out my gun, pull the trigger and kill you” I said corking the gun.

“what do you mean, Scott” he said.

“right in the middle of your head” I continued, ignoring the fact that he said anything and putting the gun right in the middle of his head. “I kept the last bullet in this gun for you, mark” I said pulling off the gun from his forehead.

Going round his chair where he was seating not taking my eyes off him in case he tries anything funny.

“during the burial of the soldiers that were killed in the mission” I stopped in front of him “you were missing. The body that was said to be you, was badly burnt beyond recognition, I knew that wasn’t you because you weren’t burnt. I mean nobody was burnt. It was a gun fire, an ambush” I stopped, stood straight.
“were where you and how did you escape. It better you don’t beat around the bush because if you do, I will waste you”

“I don’t think, I can work with someone who killed my best friend and wants to take me away from my family” he said confidently. I pulled the trigger and pointed the gun at him,trying to scare him “was shot after during the gun fire but it was a close one, just on my shoulder, every close to my neck”

“checked round to know if anyone was alive before, I left”

“didn’t know what happened until, I saw some group of men who carried me to where they stayed and took care of me. Tied me up when I was a little bit ok and asked me all sort of questions”

“who were they”

“just some local men around. They saw I was helpless. I got into them and used them, to find out everything I know now”

“what about the burnt body”

“I told the men to burn one of our enemies that died during the gun fire”

“what about the chip? the bag was with you, but when I searched it was no longer there”

“before the gun fire, I swallowed it. It’s safe sir”
I was confused not knowing whether to believe him or not. He must have been sent, but I can’t believe he would do such a thing because he is part of me.

“I swore, when I joined the army to be faithful and truthful. Trust me sir. I also lost a handful of friends out there. I can’t let them die just like that. I’m not even free myself, can’t see my family. I just want to make things right. And you are also not free sir. They want you dead”
I kept back the gun.

“you aren’t sleeping in my house this night” I said,

“I can take care of myself till tomorrow” he answered getting up from the chair.

“meet me at Serob legacy hotel close to the airport by 4 am. No Africa time.”

“yes sir”

“now, get out of my house before anyone will find out you are here”