Lydia – chapter 7



Getting out of the house, there were 4 men, fearfully looking and dressed in a soldier uniform. They led me to a minivan.

“where is Scott?” I asked as I was entering the van.

There was no answer. Then, I looked up seeing Chuks standing with the uniformed men. Staring at me like he meant harm to me. I was scared when I saw him. I wished I could run off but with the look on the uniformed men I was scared of what they would do to me.
Then we went off, I looked through the side mirror then I saw Scott in his car following us. I was a little bit relieved. What is it they wanted to do to me. Too many questions were bothering me. The van was so quiet and the atmosphere, tensed. No one was talking. I wish, I could break the silence but I couldn’t cause I was a little bit sacred of them. They might put me to sudden sleep again. I wanted to know everything that was going on.

When we got to the basement they led me to a small room. This time it was an office, where I was asked to seat by a man on uniform. He looked a little bigger than Scott. There was a brown envelope in his left hand, while he used his right hand to get a seat for himself. He sat opposite me looking at me profusely.

“can you remember anything now?” he asked.

“I think you should introduce yourself first and let me know who I am telling my life story to” I answered a little harshly.

“sorry to be too fast and ill mannered. I’m the colonel Philip justice”

That’s is weird name, I thought.

“I am Lydia by name”

“you remember your name now” he asked, thinking I already know myself.

“no, I was given the name by a handsome young man named Michael”

“that’s thoughtful of him”

“thanks” I answered shyly. Blushing because it was Scott son that gave me the name.He dropped the envelope he was holding on his hand on the table, bringing out some pictures from it. Handing it over to me to see. On getting to see the pictures I saw myself happy and jumping with a small girl. And the other pictures were with a guy I don’t know.

“can you remember that face” he said, pointing at the guy in the picture.

“I can’t remember”

“both of you look too close and happy” he said searching for some meaningful answers.

“I guess so” I replied staring at the pictures “can I keep them”

“if it will help us with anything” he said looking for some immediate answers.

“I hope so” I answered also hoping to know something.

“then, you can have the pictures” he said packing his brown empty envelope on the table

“where did you get the pictures from”

“somewhere careless, close to where you were found” he replied. “we will make sure we find him” he said.

“please can I change my neurologist. I’m not comfortable with him” I said as he was about leaving the room.

“he’s the best we’ve got for now. if he’s giving you any trouble, you can disclose that to Scott” he answered and he left the room immediately.

I went out the room after him, after sitting down for a while. I was a little bit bored. On getting outside the room, there were people on uniform moving up and down the building. Everyone was busy except I and Chuks, who was staring at me deeply. Looking at me like he would strangle me immediately. He was holding the same bottle I saw him with in my dream. He was standing at the other end of the small busy room.

Suddenly I felt a little shock as Scott held my upper arm, pulling me towards him. My lips almost brushing his.
“we must leave now” he said, dragging me with him to his car.
All eyes were on us as we were leaving the barracks. I was confused because I didn’t know what was going on.

Getting to the car park I noticed fast footstep following us. Scott not trying to listen to the footsteps, I had to bring his attention towards it. All of a sudden there was a quick wave of sand as I found myself somewhere along the woods.
I was covered with dust. I was scared and furious. What was going on. all I could think of was the whereabouts of Scott. We were together and now….

After the little wave of sand, I was imbalance for a while until I noticed I was no longer with her. What the hell happened here. This is similar to what Lydia told me about Chuks. I must make sure nothing happens to her because he was last seen with me and I can’t let another woman I’m in love with slip away from me again. Looking for her always wasn’t too hard for me but today was a different one. What will I tell others what happened because no one would believe me.

I went into the woods and I saw her lying down on the floor lying helplessly, like she has been enchanted. I called her but she couldn’t answer me. I think she unconscious. Taking her to the hospital would be a bad idea, so I had to take her home for her to be conscious. I hope she remembers who she is now.

On getting home I laid her on her bed, removed her clothes and changed to her satin night gown. it wasn’t a bad idea. The roundness of her firm breast was showing under the dress. I had let it go this time. I tried controlling myself, until I finally did. Then I went to my room, took a shower and went back to her room to cuddle her until she wakes. I placed her head on my chest, then I noticed her hand moving over my chest. Until it stopped at the other side of my chest and there was no more movement. I was tucked between her hands until I slept off.