Lydia-chapter 6


Coming out of the bathroom with a white towel on and unexpected bump on Scott was something I’ve been looking out for. Making sure he is not passing anytime I want to come out of the bathroom. I couldn’t let go of his look, at my breast popping out of the towel. He came closer to me this time. Holding my head up, so that my lips could reach his, opened his mouth and started kissing me. There was a rush of blood that flowed across my chest. I think they must be competing because, I could no longer hold the urge that, I had to kiss him back. Pulling him closer to me. I wanted more of him. The taste was so sweet that, I made it a deeper kiss. His hand dropping down to my waist. Trying to pull me closer but instead it went to my buttocks. My towel got untied, it was falling from my round breasts until, my dark nipples revealed themselves. Immediately he noticed it, his other hand found itself to my right breast. He was fondling so hard.
I had to stop before I finally loose all the control.

I was tired of waiting for her to clean up. Was curious about what chuks told her outside and I decided to go hurry her up. On getting to the corridor of her room. She came out with towel on. Her dark fresh laps were so tempting that I couldn’t resist it. Was scared to go meet her but, I couldn’t control myself. Facing her was not a good idea. The spiders on my chest were racing more than, I could handle……

I felt ashamed and sorry when she pulled out of me. I Wanted to look at her eye balls and tell her I’m sorry for loving her. I’m sorry for going out of control. She has barely used a week in my house and I’m already into her. All, I wanted to say was sorry. But instead she dashed off to her room as quickly as possible. I doubt if I would be able to face her as before. She made me too weak. No woman as ever done that to me before.

I was terrified at first when he kissed me but got interested later. I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted him right there, but not like that. Not without me knowing myself. I need to know where I belonged and all….

….The next morning, I woke up finding myself still with my towel on the next day. Didn’t know I slept that long. There was a knock at the door.

“who is that” I yelled out oud for the other person to hear.
“it’s me the maid” she answered.
“come in” I said trying to adjust my towel to cover the revealing part of my body.
“good morning ma’am” she said as she entered “you slept so deep last night. I knocked at your door but there was no response”
“I’m surprised myself. It’s been a while I slept that deep”
“it’s a good one, I guess”
“yes, thanks for the care”
“Scott asked me to help you clean up and you eat as soon as possible because. you are both going out”
“where do you think he’s taking me too”

“I shouldn’t be telling you this but, I think you are going to the base. his former boss came to the house this morning and they were exchanging words. I couldn’t hear all what they were saying because, I was far. But, I think they asked him to bring you along with him to their basement” she whispered for only my ears not even the walls could hear.

“what do they want to do to me”

“I don’t know” she answered. I was angry at this point. They think they can do whatever they like to me. Or even sleep with me the way they like. I stood up to check to check outside through the window. I saw men on army uniforms around the house.

“they are everywhere. There is no escape route, my dear” she said. Then I closed the drops and walked closer to the bed to sit. “I’m sure my boss will do anything to keep you safe. He has been so concerned about you these days” she said again, not keeping her mouth shut for me to think.

I sat down on the bed thinking about what they might likely do to me or say to me. I need to see Scott and tell him about chuks before we set out for the day.
“where is he”
“he is in his room getting dressed”
“I need to see him”
“not until you are done dressing, I don’t think you want to go meet him with your towel on, again” she said giving me a devilish smile.
“again?” I said, surprised she ever said that.
“I saw you guys yesterday” she said. I didn’t know what to say to her “you need to get yourself ready so that you will be able to talk to him before you leave” she said as she stood up.

“I will help you to quickly prepare something so that you will eat before leaving” she said as she stood up from the chair.
Immediately, I finished dressing, I went straight to Scott’s room. But I don’t think, I will be able to say anything about yesterday. As I got to his door, I shrugged before knocking gently. There was no answer and I had to knock again.

“I’m not eating anything” he yelled out loud.

“it’s Lydia, I need to talk to you urgently” I yelled.

It took a while before he could open the door.

“come in” he said holding the handle of the door, not looking at me. The room was a little bit bigger than my room. The bed was a king size bed decorated with a beautiful wooden stand and there a set of small settee in the room, in front was a TV that was switched on. I loved the mat that was at the end of the bed. The room was neatly arranged and decorated.

“Sit down” he said pointing at the comfortable chairs in the room.

“I need to tell you about chuks” I said as I sat down.

“what about him?”
I told him my dreams and what happened outside. He was surprised and didn’t know what to say.

“are you sure about this”

“you know how much I hate that question. Why will I lie to you”

“I’m sorry” he answered. Both of us trying not to talk about what happened yesterday. “I will see to that; I promise” he said looking at me with pity. “we are going to the basement. Just do anything, I ask you to do and nothing more”

He led me out of his room and I went to mine waiting for my food and someone to lead me out to the basement.