Lydia-chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 feelings
Scott… Dinner was like we were observing a dead persons 30 minutes’ silence. Sitting in front of a lady that takes out my breath is something I don’t want to experience again after my wife’s death. After 2 women in my life, I don’t think I want any other woman. It was like giving me a drink I love and don’t want to take it anymore. Nobody is going to take my dead wife’s place away from my heart. I can’t imagine me falling in love with a woman who eats like a goat. She hasn’t finished the one in her mouth before putting in another. Can’t wait for her to leave my life before she causes havoc. Lydia… The fact that I was wearing a dress twice bigger than me didn’t move me because the meal I was eating was so sweet, like I’ve never eaten anything of such before. Pasta with blistered cherry tomato sauce with roasted fish and water. Who prepared this delicious and sumptuous meal? It can’t definitely be Scott. He’s too sexy to know how to cook this well. Just remembered there is a nanny. Was rushing the food like it my last meal on earth. It was like I haven’t eaten for a couple of years. Looking at him staring at me like I was an animal makes me uncomfortable. I have to try and comport myself to get that filthy look off me. Now I think I have to break this silence that has been going on for a while on this table. ‘thanks for accepting me into your little villa for a while” I looked up to the Andrews and there was no answer. I continued, ignoring the silence. “I will try to remember everything quickly, suppose you guys help me out”. Scott looked up this time. Looking at me like I just finished speaking a language he didn’t understand. “how do we help you?” he asked, hoping I have a reasonable answer, knowing that I don’t have one. “By helping me with some images on my head” “what images?” he asked, but this time. “I saw a guy in my dream” Scott dropped his cutlery like he just heard something good for the first time that day. “do you recognize him?” he said hoping to hear good news but. “not at all” I said disappointing him. “not even a little?” he asked, like he wanted me out of the house and also want the solutions to all answers. “no” “what was he doing in your dream” “he was moving faster than a normal person in the room. As fast as thunder…” I stopped to notice how serious he was listening like it was a life time discussion. With his handsome face and muscular hands. I just wish I could be wrapped with those hands someday. “…and what other thing did you see” he said bringing back my attention to the dining room “he was saying some things to a bottle” “and what did he say” “I don’t know…” “…then what do you know?” he cut me off sharply hitting his both hands on the table. The table went silent again everyone going back to their meal. Except for Scott who is still angry for what I don’t know off. “I’m sorry, I have been working late this days” he said honestly. “you have always been sorry” Michael said angrily and left the table. Scott picked up his fork to continue his meal. And he has always been honest, I said almost aloud. “what did you say?” Scott asked, dropping his fork again, looking at me. “nothing” I answered, scared of what his next words will be because I honestly don’t know anything. “how have you been since your 2nd wife’s death?” “that’s not what you are here for” he answered standing up from his chair. And walking out of the table just like his son. Now I know where his son got his aggression from. Definitely from his father. How will I able to cope with this aggressive family. Me not knowing anything and all. I just wish all this could end in a twinkle of an eye. And be his lover maybe. Wait, does he even like me at all.
Scott… Sitting in my room alone working on the computer knowing fully well I’m doing nothing reasonable. just staring at the system hoping to do something meaningful on it. This girl can’t stay in my house. The unusual feelings growing inside me for her. Someone I barely know. Picked up from the street. Not knowing who she is and all. I don’t think I can do this anymore. With those calling eyes and tempting lips. And a figure that’s too perfect for a lady found on the street with no clothes on. Lydia… Walking around the street close to the house. admiring the beautiful street light brightening the street was something I would love doing over and over again. Looking at the beautiful and expensive houses. Was trying to bring back some of my memories. I saw a green duplex with no gate and me stopping on the road trying to remember something was a bad idea. Couldn’t dodge a fast moving vehicle. The only thing I could see was the headlight that blindfolded me and then… Scott… …Carrying her in my hands was the last thing I wanted to do this night. She was unconscious and looking beautiful at the same time. The softness and tenderness of her skin tells me she comes from a wealthy family. Her arms around my neck makes me not wanting to drop her on her bed. She looks so adorable and soft. I dropped her on the bed staring at her pitiful eyes and tempting lips. not wanting to let those lips go without been kissed. Her body shape like that of a goddess with no comma or full stop. Her waist so tiny and hip where it supposed to be, wide round and sexy. Lydia… Thinking the car would hit me made me feel like wanting to faint… Waking up in Scott hands was like giving a child sweet unexpectedly. Wanted to feel be awake but he giving me a goodnight arm love was something I liked. so I remained calm on his hands. They were so huge and protective, loving and seductive. Didn’t even know when he dropped me on the bed because I had slept off in his seductive arms. Dreaming about what a girl who is in love will think of to her man….