Firstly, what’s love?
According to the English dictionary love can be defined as an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person.

Secondly, what’s respect?
According to the same English dictionary respect can be defined as an attitude of consideration or high regard.

A woman deserves to be loved by her man and the man also deserves respect from his woman for peace to reign in every relationship. Without love and respect there isn’t a perfect relationship.

Every woman wants love and every man wants respect.
For a woman to be loved by her man she needs to give her man respect. For a man to also gain respect from his woman he needs to love her.

Both are to be loved and respected but one is stronger than one for each of them.

The question now is which goes first. I’m sure the woman will say love goes first. Let’s analyze this.

A man and woman in a relationship and they are not in good terms. They complain every time about each other. Who do you think should calm down first? Without love there won’t be respect.
looking at things the lady need to respect her man first, and after that loves comes in.

A man is full of pride, Irrespective of his temperament. They always want to be respected by the woman they love. They feel if their woman respect them, that woman loves him but if there is no respect they feel there isn’t love.

After the respect, comes the love to his woman. He can go extra miles for his woman if he is respected.

Therefore, women you need to love and respect your man for you to be loved.

Respect goes before love. And also without love there is no respect.

How to love and respect your man

For the woman :
1. Cook for him- there is a saying that says the best way to a man’s heart is his stomach. Always cook for your man if he’s around. Prepare his favorite meal. If you don’t know how to cook then you’ve got to learn.

2. Be a friend and a partner- you should be your man’s best friend. And always be in support of him

3. Trust your man- let him be. Don’t always hover around him. Trust him to the fullest.

4. Flirt with your man- trust me there are thousand ladies out there calling your man. Don’t let them do the flirting. Do it yourslef. Don’t be too spiritual. Let your man tell them ‘go learn from my woman’

5. Appreciate his friends and family- always appreciate his friends and family. Show them respect.

6. Have sex- I’m sorry can’t hide this part cause I’m ain’t married, But it’s necessary for married couples only. Have sex. Don’t say no to your man in bed. Never ever ever say No. As a youth wait for your time.

And finally watch your weight. Watch what you eat. You’ve got to be sexy for your man. Don’t let him look outside. Don’t look like a grandma when you are around him.

And now for the men

How to love your woman and respect her.

Lol. You know for we ladies we have a long list we want you to do. But I will just drop a few..

1. Show her sweet surprises- seriously we ladies love surprises. Just surprise your woman anyway you can

2. Flaunt your woman- hold her hands, hug her, don’t be ashamed to show her to others

3. Buy her gifts- gift gift. No lady will refuse a kind offer.

4. Support her dreams- always support your woman in every way. Don’t always make her feel bad

5. Take your woman on a date- take her out, leave your home and go to a comfortable place where you can hangout alone.

6. Listen to her jargons- laugh at her boring jokes. Listen to her gist. I know most guys don’t like this aspect, but you’ve got to listen to her.

And lastly look good for your woman. Don’t be a grandpa in your house with your woman. Their are hot guys out there. Dont make us compare you. At least try your best.