How to have healthy self esteem

“Self-esteem is when you judge yourself. It can either be in a positive or negative way”. Self-esteem is also the opinion we have about ourselves. According to Wikipedia, Self-esteem reflects an individual’s overall subjective emotional evaluation of their own also encompasses believes about one’s self as well as an emotional state.

It’s not always that easy having a healthy self-esteem because of the negative forces around us. One can feel inferior, if someone is better than the person, or more beautiful, or more outspoken, or more talented, or most times richer. You can feel good and alive, if you don’t have what others have because what you have other people don’t have it. When you have healthy self-esteem you tend to feel positive about yourself and life in general, but when you have a low self-esteem you feel negative about yourself.

Anyone can have low self-esteem, be it the president or even celebrities. A child, teenager, a young man and lady, an old person, regardless of your personality. It always begins at childhood but as you grow older you can learn to shake it off.


Having a low self-esteem can be harmful to one’s mental health, which can possibly lead to depression and anxiety. It can also lead to some bad habit like too much smoking, getting drunk, keeping late nights, and bad friends trying to keep away from what’s is bothering you. That’s when it gets to the extreme. When it gets to this you are advised to see a doctor.

Speak positive about yourself

When you wake up in the morning, forget every negative thought and sayings, people have said about you. look through the mirror to speak positive to yourself. Tell yourself how beautiful, talented, gorgeous you are.

Stay away from unhealthy people

Unhealthy people are those who make you feel insecure. Those people who make you feel bad. they can weigh you down emotionally . Try getting rid of them. Stay with healthy people instead. And if you can’t ignore them. Make use of your earpiece, when they are speaking gibberish, or tell them how you feel whenever they talk low of you.

Do what you love doing

Write down what you love doing and make sure you do it every day of your life. It might be writing, singing, dancing, etc. don’t always do what others love doing. If you don’t do it well you might likely lose your self-esteem. Don’t imitate others, be yourself. Pick u what you love doing and do it well.

Be kind to yourself

Always be gentle to yourself. Imagine what you would do to someone one who you love and also do the same thing to yourself. Don’t be harsh on yourself

I don’t care attitude

I know the ‘I don’t care attitude will work’ don’t care about the negative things people say about you. It’s not that easy but if you do it ones, trust me you will love it and want to do it again. Just be yourself and do good.

Make good friends

Make friends and stop being lonely. Staying lonely can make you think about the bad things people have said. Go out and do something. Stop staying indoor. Go out with someone who makes you feel confident.

Try it

That thing you are wanting to do but feel shy about it, do it. Stay out of your comfort zone and do it. If it gets ugly, try it again. Those perfect people also have failed ones. Don’t be scared of failing. Setting a goal tends to increase one’s self-esteem. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Always look good

Looking good lift’s, one’s self esteem. Your dressing should always be acceptable. There’s a saying that says the way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed. You might not have the best wardrobe but the little one you have should be good.

Learn to say ‘no’

Always say no to things you don’t like and always do. People with low self-esteem always say yes to people they look up to even if they don’t like them. Learn to say no to things you don’t like, so that it won’t bring depression and anger.