Lydia-chapter 6

I felt ashamed and sorry when she pulled out of me. I Wanted to look at her eye balls and tell her I’m sorry for loving her. I’m sorry for going out of control. She has barely used a week in my house and I’m already into her. All, I wanted to say was sorry

Lydia – chapter 5

Lydia… I was walking along the mini estate as fast as I could. Wanting to go far from the house, far from everybody in the house, far from the strange things happening around me, far from my dreams. I just want to walk away from everything, and also far from falling in love. Getting to […]

Lydia – chapter 4

Waking up seeing someone you are have feelings for is one thing, waking up in a mess not looking as beautiful as a princess is another thing. I was terrified when I woke up but waking up to see Scott in the room made me less scared.

Lydia-chapter 3

Scott… Dinner was like we were observing a dead persons 30 minutes’ silence. Sitting in front of a lady that takes out my breath is something I don’t want to experience again after my wife’s death. After 2 women in my life, I don’t think I want any other woman. It was like giving me […]

LYDIA – Chapter 2

…Flashes of a short man moving from one angle to another inside a small room. more flashes, I could barely see him. couldn’t see his face. so blurry, and me lying down on a bed, tied down helplessly. and he whispered something to a bottle, I could barely hear…… ………. Oh my god, what a […]