Being joyful

Joy according to English dictionary is the feeling of happiness, extreme cheerfulness. According to Joyce Meyer joy is the passion or emotion excited by the acquisition or expectation of good.

The main aim of writing this article is to tell, how to manage and keep joy. So many of us are always happy but don’t know how to keep it. Instead we use our ungodly character to kill our joy.

You should also know that joy is connected to the strength we have. I’m not talking about our physical strength but our internal one. How strong are you internally? How much do you take things in? how can we control keeping our joy for a long period of time.
One way I think of keeping joy is to not things get into you. Don’t always believe everything is perfect. This life is full of ups and downs.

You shouldn’t also pass aggression to anyone when you are not happy. It wrong. When you are not happy, the best thing to do is to leave, where people are and calm yourself before talking to anyone. You can’t take back the words you have said to the other person and it will a go a long way.
I will start with what actually take this joy from us anytime we have it?


yes, you heard me right. Jealousy. If you are jealous of people around you, it takes away joy from you. Why on earth will you be jealous about people’s success, instead it should give you moral on how to be successful than that person.


even the bible says we should stay away from an angry man. An angry person can never be happy. Of course you can get angry but it shouldn’t stay for a whole day. It a sin. Anger is even not good for the health. You will look older than your age. Angry people are always moody. You should try to take that away from you character.


when you always want what others have. If you don’t own what your neighbor has, you will be sad because you want to own and go at any cost to possess that thing, when you know you don’t have enough money to get it. Or you can also go to the length of borrowing it. And this applies to the person every time. Because you won’t be happy when you don’t have it.

Low self-esteem:

it makes someone not happy. When you don’t feel good about yourself. You don’t value yourself. Always wondering why, you came to earth. Why will you not see anything good about yourself. It does annoy me when I see people like that. They don’t see the greatness in them but always in others. They always judge themselves wrongly.


this actually applies to everyone. When you fail at something, you aren’t always happy. You always want to succeed in every area of your life. Failure is a normal thing. It’s bound to happen. We aren’t perfect. No one shouldn’t be sad when you fail because it should be another way of learning something. Of course you can say exam failure. It will help you to read more. And you should know that when you are serious with your books you can’t fail. Then don’t make yourself sad by not being serious.

The past:

what happened in the past, can actually make someone sad. Remembrance of bad things. It’s not always easy to forget but the best thing is to let it go. Whatever happened in the past, has happened. Nothing can change it again. Yes, that’s the fact you don’t need to let it pull you down. The past as the name implies, is long gone. You need to look for solutions, forget about it and move on.

Ways to keep joy for a long time

Be quick to forgive:

always forgive anyone who offends you. Don’t keep malice. Everyone tends to make you angry. Forgive yourself too. Even the bible asked to forgive. Mathew 18:22 says forgive 70 times 7 times in a day. You will notice that your happiness will last long.

Good self-esteem:

have a good self-esteem. Hype yourself. Look into the mirror and tell yourself are the most beautiful person you have ever seen and go show the world you are the best. You are the best in your own way. That’s what you don’t know. Anyone who tries to bring you down is only jealous and scared you will be better than them. Don’t let anyone limit you.


Try to be contented with whatever you have. If you don’t go around asking from people, you will owe nobody. You will also be at peace. Always cut your coat according to your cloth, so that you won’t be sad at the end of the day after entering debt.

Help the helpless:

I have tried this before. I bet it’s always fun. Helping those in need. It’s not necessarily in the aspect of money. You can help through impacting knowledge. Helping those who needs assistance. This is my favorite point. I love helping people. Help those you know can’t repay you.

Be yourself:

Never ever imitate anyone. Your strength is someone else’s weakness. So, you trying to copy someone will only limit what you are capable of doing. You can’t copy someone’s style and expect the best from it, instead you won’t be happy. Be yourself and be happy.

Be with people who makes you smile.

This should be your family members. And your friends, if your friends don’t make you smile then you need to change them. Try hanging out with you loved ones.

Never expect much from someone. Anyone can fail you at any point in time. When you don’t keep it too much in mind you will tend to get over it and be happy. The only disappointment that should hurt you should be yourself and not from anyone.

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