Bed of lies


This article is for everyone in a relationship. Who tells lies the most in a relationship? The guys or the ladies. It’s not easy to build trust in a relationship, especially when you know your partner tells lies a lot. Its takes love and understanding.

It is written from a surveyed hypothesis, that ladies do tell lies than guys and can also detect a lie easily when they hear one and pretends it’s true. Guys you better be careful of the lies you tell we ladies. We actually know it’s a lie. Whenever you want to tell a lie, go over it again and again before you drop your lie.

Girls do tell lies in other to impress their partner, which shouldn’t be so. Why are you forming for him? I know of someone who can’t use the toilet when her partner is around. Seriously? Its total nonsense. If he loves, you he will enjoy the smell and even pollute the air to make it more romantic. Show who you truly are so that, he will love you the more. If he doesn’t that means he’s not for you.

Let him know, you are take eba, beans and semolina. Not only pasta and noodles. Let him know your dad isn’t that buoyant so that he won’t deprive you of what he should be giving you. Some ladies will go to the extent of borrowing hostel to satisfy their partner. Show him you grew up from the village.

Why tell lies to save your relationship.
What causes lies in a relationship

This is the number one reason for a lie in the relationship. Why would you lie to your partner if you aren’t seeing someone else? If your partner is lying about his or her whereabouts’ you need to watch out he or she might be cheating. This is not a good reason to lie. Once you notice because he cheats then, the ball is in your court. You either forgive or leave him.

To cover up something
Guys lie to conceal something. They always don’t want to feel weak. They always want to behave strong. They don’t want you to know they got assaulted. Or they have been laid out of work, or they

To escape nagging
You know, it’s normal for a lady to nag. Every little thing gets them angry. That’s why guys lie to run away from nagging. Especially the ones who don’t like talking. “

To make their partner feel better
They tell you “you look good” when you are pregnant, looking like a ball, just to make you feel better. “you are the best cook I’ve ever met” have you ever tasted an eatery meal before.

To keep distance
Most guys always want to stay on their own, or just with friends, but instead they tell you ‘I’m busy with work, you need not to come’ or they say ‘I’m taking a nap, will call you back’ this type of lie is still ok, but when its taking too long for you to see him, or he doesn’t call back. then he is not into you. It’s should just be for a while.

To keep a bitter truth
he won’t want to tell you the bitter truth but will lie to save his relationship. Ladies dot really keep up with bitter truth. Instead they freak out. To avoid this, the men, lie to avoid unnecessary drama. This isn’t a good one because it must be told. The truth will pop out one day. Why wait for the day to see a bigger drama?

To make you do want they want
Guys lie to make you do what they want and you as a lady don’t want to do. They tell you

To save the relationship
They lie when they’re scared of losing their relationship. Lie comes from fear of hurting someone or getting hurt by someone.

Lack of money
This is for the guys. Once there’s no money in the house, they lie to cover up. Why must you lie. You ought to be with someone who would love you even thou you are in hard times. Money isn’t everything. Although ladies do say no money no love, but I think when your guy is working towards making money, you should love him.