15 ways to get out of a breakup


Breakup is a stressful activity. It’s not easy leaving the person you love so much. When you breakup, especially from an intimate relationship, someone you love, someone you have feelings for it always traumatic.

Research as shown that Breaking up from an outlandish relationship can lead to invasive thought, insomnia and also reduce immune function.

Time is said to heal wounds, but when it comes to a deep one it’s like the time isn’t moving at all. It takes different times for different people to get over breakups. Some weeks, some months, some even years.

Breakup can be caused by so many things, distance, tired of the other partner, a flirty partner, found a new love (maybe he or she didn’t love you at first), building your career. Etc. there are things that can possibly help you get out of a breakup.

I have helped to gather up some tips to help get your wounds dry up faster and health wise.


15 ways to get out of a breakup

Think negative about your ex

Thinking negative about your ex helps to create another image about your ex in your mind. It will make you not crave for your ex. When you look at your ex in a negative manner you will have a decrease in feelings of love.

Change your thinking about your ex.

Langeslag in her research found out that “negative reappraisal also decreases infatuation and attachment to your ex, so it will make you feel better in the long run” that means the way you think about your ex should change to a negative one.


Healthy food and sleep

Eat healthy food and sleep well. Don’t skip your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eats fruits and vegetables. Your body won’t function properly if you don’t eat or sleep. And you also need healthy sleep. At this point in time you need quality sleep.


Unfollow your ex

This is healing time for you, you need not message him on social media. Melamed says “if seeing your ex on social media triggers negative emotions or the pain of rejection, its ok to unfollow them. Consider this not an act of aggression toward them but as an act of self-care on your part”

Don’t ask to be a friend

“let’s just be friends” That’s not a good one. don’t answer to that. Tell him you will think about it. You need not go to the past. Keep your perfect distance from him. And don’t ask your ex also to be your friend.

                             A crying lady

Cry in your closet the way you like.

Cry the way you want to cry. Go to your room and cry. Crying helps a lot. Ms. bagley-jones said “emotional tears contains some hormones like adrenocorticotropic hormone ACTH which tells the body to release the stress hormone cortisol” cortisol is the hormone responsible for looking after us if we are in trouble or if we need an extra bit of energy. Stephen sidrogg also said crying activates the body in a healthy way. You can cry anywhere it hits you, just make sure you don’t cry in your office.

Don’t try to get him back but try to get yourself back

Get yourself back and not your ex. Trying to get him back will only bring you depression. Give yourself a quality healthcare. Don’t go into getting drunk or eating unhealthy. Breakups, especially a romantic one are always stressful.

Get involve with things that won’t make you think

Get yourself involve with one thing you love doing. it might be sport, writing, reading, traveling around exploring things. or whatever you think can take away thought of your ex “exercising, journaling or good deep frank discussions with people can also help” says Ms. Bagley-jones.

 stay alone for some time

staying alone at times help when you break up. Its increases creativity, decrease risk of depression and decrease the intensity of negative motions in general. You spend time alone to grieve your loss and cry out everything you’ve got.

 Distract yourself

“distraction is a form of avoidance, which has been shown to reduce the recovery from a breakup” says Sandra Langeslag, director of the neurocognition of emotion and motivation at a university in USA. Distract yourself from thinking about your ex or wanting to message your ex. Distractions are just to boost your mood.

 a rough sheet 

Write out things you don’t like about your ex

write an insulting letter to your ex, that you will never give him. how you hate the way he chews, how he smells bad anytime he comes from a long day activity, his local attitude, the way he picks his nose, how he flirts etc. Put down things you don’t like about him and burn the letter.


love yourself. Self-love is what you need at the moment. Don’t give up on yourself. Breaking up isn’t the end of the world. He doesn’t deserve you, he deserves something lesser. He can’t handle your worth. Don’t let your self-esteem reduce because of an ex. You can read more Here

You will find someone better

have it at the back of your mind that someone better is coming your way. Someone you will boast of in front of your ex. Someone more caring, less flirty, more money, and so on. She actually got someone better less than a month after and they are engaged.

stay out of love songs for the main time

love songs can make you think about him. Stay out of love songs and get involved with other type of music. When you have gotten over the break up, getting back to love songs will be a boom for you.

Go out with friends

Have fun with your friends. Go out with them and make yourself happy. Stay more with people around you that will make you happy and feel comfortable. It will make you feel confident and make you believe some special people still love you.