10 ways on how to be attractive

Everyone loves to be noticed in a positive way, respected and attractive. Being attractive is not about being fake. If you want to be attractive let it last long than for it to be temporary.

So many people do get it wrong by reasoning that being attractive is all about their physical beauty. How they dress and look gallant when you go out but its way more than that. You can be beautiful and not approachable. Attraction goes way beyond facial beauty but also character and presentation.

When we discover that someone doesn’t like us in some way, our emotions can change from defensive indignation to deep pain and profound sadness. Being attractive is having a feature that people like. Of course you can’t please everyone but you can please people who love to be attracted to you.
Being attractive beget respect and people loving you.

Here are some ways that will help you to be attractive

A lady smiling


That’s the first thing I can ever think of. No matter what’s going on in your life you don’t pass the aggression on other people. You don’t know who might end up helping you. Smile is a huge weapon in attracting someone.

Personal hygiene

Neatness goes a long way in being attractive. You either smell nice or don’t smell at all. Bad odor both in the mouth and body is a thing that pisses someone off. Keep yourself well groomed. Shower often, brush your teeth, comb your hair, keep your nails clean.

Healthy living

Some sort of exercise would go a long way if you want any cloth to look good on your body. Also eat healthy foods that support your body, not only your emotions. And eat seasonal foods. likewise, don’t forget to sleep 8 hours a day and no screen two hours before you sleep.

Body language

You can be attractive in your body language. Like standing with an open torso. Don’t cross your arm, don’t hug your purse, avoid clutching a wine glass in front of your abdomen. always make your hands visible by not pocketing. you can put your hands on the table or laps while sitting. Have a good eye contact with the other person you are talking to, and lastly always stand tall to have a good posture.


There a popular saying that says “the way you dress will determine the way you will be addressed”. Know how to mix your colors. Don’t wear a green dress and put a yellow shoe and round it up with a red handbag. Also help yourself not to wear clothes that are bigger than you. And don’t forget not to display your private parts. Pick a good seamstress who will help with that.

Self esteem

Have a good self-esteem. Be yourself and be proud of who you are. Don’t copy others. People love those who stands for themselves and not fidget when thing go wrong. Self-love, self-confidence and authenticity are the fundamental element of attractiveness.

A lady reading


Possess three hobbies that do not involve with screens. Pick up something you would like to tell people you love doing. Like swimming, writing, cooking, etc. people who do their phone often are not approachable.

Don’t be boring

Being hot and simple isn’t enough. At times we act boring because we are scared of being weird or different. Scared of what people might say or think about how we actually feel, we hide our quirks and try to fit in. and you know what? Fitting in really suck. Its blunt and unattractive.



Accept people the way they are. You don’t judge people or believe you are higher than them in some ways. Respect everyone that comes your way. From a baby to an old man, the blind, the lame, the uneducated, culture diversity, religion difference. Respect everyone in their own way. And don’t forget to be nice and polite to everyone.


Get an education or save up for one. Education is not the only thing that bring money but it surely commands respect in all gatherings. There are some places an analphabetic person can’t get to. And also try getting to know new things happening around. Things like politics, fashion, sport etc.






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