No Bra Day

Most people do think No Bra Day is a day to not only wear bra but to also flaunt their breast which is not meant to be so. This article helps you to know about NoBraDay, How to observe it and it’s criticisms.

15 ways to get out of a breakup

Time is said to heal wounds, but when it comes to a deep one, it’s like the time isn’t moving at all. It takes different times for different people to get over breakups.

Lydia- chapter 9

The purpose of Lydia as been revealed. What will Scott do to prevent those that are trying to kill him.

What’s your new year resolution?

Happy new year to everyone reading this. May we have multiple blessing of that of last year this 2019 in Jesus name. before that, have you written out your new year resolution? What you do before and don’t want to do again? Things to do to make your 2019 much better than 2018. Here are […]

Lydia – chapter 7

Suddenly I felt a little shock as Scott held my upper arm, pulling me towards him. My lips almost brushing his. 
“we must leave now” he said, dragging me with him to his car.